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Ladys at the water building The water tower Drilling the bore hole

The Water Project

A reliable supply of water is absolutely essential for the sustainable future of both the school and the garden. The borehole plays a major role in the long term success of this project. It is 140 metres deep and supplies water to both the school, the vegetable garden and to the local community. The water tanks between them can hold up to 45,000 litres of water. The water is extracted via a solar powered pump. Electric fencing protects the borehole, the solar panels and the school site. Everything is powered by solar energy. There is a pipeline directly supplying Enaikishomi School and its vegetable garden and another pipe supplies water to a roadside water kiosk. Water is now sold to the community at 3 Kenyan Shillings for 20 litres. This money is saved in a school bank account that is managed by the school governors.