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The Garden Project

We are planning important new developments for the vegetable garden which to date has only been a qualified success. It is currently producing a good crop of kale but no other vegetable.

We have engaged the services of an experienced hydrologist, Andre Retief who will be installing a drip feed water system similar to the one pictured above in Tassia. This will involve placing a retaining tank close to the garden on a raised platform to provide sufficient pressure for the drip feed pipes.

We will also be appointing a full time gardener who will work under the direction of Andre who has extensive experience of agriculture in challenging environments. We will be broadening the range of vegetables to include amongst others onions, carrots, beans etc. It is our ambition that the school should become sustainable with the crops from the garden being sufficient to feed the children.

We are very keen that the children should be involved in the garden and this will be an important part of their education. In the same way that the children gather sticks for the wood-burning stoves, we will be asking them to collect cow and goat manure to fertilise the garden. It is our intention that groups of children will be assigned a particular area of the garden or crop to care for.