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Enaikishomi School provides education for children from the ages of 3 to 9 years old. The number of pupils has grown significantly over recent years from 15 to 54 and is still rising.

We have recently appointed a second teacher, Allicent Kathuni to work alongside Evalyne Mutea, who has been with the school for two years.

In order to accommodate the increase in student numbers, we have constructed a second classroom. Allicent teaches the elder children and Evalyne continues to have responsibility for the younger pupils. We have also recently constructed accommodation for our two teachers who both now live within the school grounds. We hope this will enable them to re-start the adult education programme with a renewed emphasis on developing practical skills to improve the lives of the local community. In particular, we are keen that they should receive training in needlework, knitting etc. in the hope that in years to come they will be able to obtain some income by making school uniforms.

We also want the children to learn some practical skills which will help them both now and in the future. We are keen that they should become involved in caring for the trees planted within the school compound. We also hope that they will learn about growing vegetables which we intend developing through the introduction of a drip feed irrigation system. This is covered in more detail in the section on the vegetable garden.

The children communicate in Kiswahili but are being taught a little English. They pray in English and ask for permission in English.

The school is currently a feeder school to Ethi Primary School but in the future we hope to link it to a new secondary school for the Il Ngwesi community which is currently in the planning stages.

The two classrooms are very well maintained and offer a warm and friendly learning environment. They have been well decorated by our two teachers and are regularly cleaned by a rota of parents organized by Evalyne.